Saturday, July 24, 2010


Just got back from family dinner...*FULL max...Burrrrrpppp...! Lemme share my souvenirs with u guys..It's from my darling big sis..She went Bangkok last 2 weeks..and came back with this for me...^^ Cute max..!

The blue flowery sandal^^

The voodoo keychain..@@

The Clorets chewing gum! The package is in Thai language..^^

And i wore to family dinner today..HAHAHA..all the kids keep stepping on my sandal cause they jealous..=P

Me and my nephew...*sound like i'm so old..=(

My cousin bro and his daughter..both look cute max..HAHAHA..!

~Okay..i'm off to fun fair now with my gf aka kei ching..~ You better not FFK me..or else...I'll burn your house down...! =D=D=D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I-City...~! I guess should be quite alot of people have been here or heard about this place before..For me..I haven't been to there before..But i wanted to go...! Because the other I was browsing my facebook.. coincidentally I saw my friend's facebook..She posted alot of photos in I-City that she taken with her friends..and I find this place is very beautiful..~! The scenery is very nice..very natural..! I wonder what they have there...~! Let's's a few info i got from Google..

1) I-City (formerly Sumur City) is a new townships in Klang Valley region, Selangor.
2) Night of i-City Shah Alam with LED light trees make for a colourful forest..

This picture is stolen from my fren's fb..of cox I did not steal those pictures wif human inside larrr..scare kena sue later..! =P

This is the night view..Damn beautiful riteee...*i stole this from google okay!

Look at the peacock..! NICE..!


p/s : Lately I'm busying with my thesis research..Oh ya..I'm a 3rd year student now...sound so old...!!!! ='( When i look at those junior in my fac..urm...I feel happy..cause they look old..HAHAHA...which make me look like a junior as well..HAHAHA...! =P okay...gotta finish up my proposal..~! will try to update asap...that's alot of post in my hands now..but recently got no time to post it..=(....OH ya again...before i forget..this Friday i will be heading to Zouk for my friend , Kevin's 22nd Bday Bash~! Happy BBday Kevin...! Wish you many happy returns with ur loved one...! *hugs...! Will be having fun max...! =D=D=D

Me and Kevin aka The incoming Bbday Boy~! *taken last yr @ Poppy Garden..nice!

~take care~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Noon~

Sitting in front of my pink vaio lappy..on a Saturday afternoon...just finish talking to a friend..which i guess is the last call i would receive from him..Right now..I'm feeling tired and abit of heart arch.. Quite some time din't have this kind of feeling to describe it..i'm not sure what's the exact words i'm suppose to use..alot of mix feelings..*BIG SIGH..Suddenly i just feel like hide under my blanket , cuddle with patrick..and ignore the world..

All this while..i always think..what's is it to be exactly to love someone and how is it exactly to be love by do we know that what we have for each other is real or not..or is just the lust that brought us true love ever exist..or true love only exist for those who are having normal life..what i mean normal life is..the whole world only revolve you and your partner..everything both of u do together..both of u share the same interest..both of u don't like nightlife..both of u don't like social life..both of u only like staying home and watch DVD..With this kind of life..yes..i bet you will never have any complicated lifestyle..

I used to have complicated lifestyle..a very complicated one..maybe i was young..and never think things entirely..never think of the consequences..never think about the people's feeling around me..all i think is my feelings..the fun that i wanted..but at the end of the wasn't that fun after all..all i gained was bitter and patches road..Now i realized..people do judge eventhough you turned over a new leaf..they will still have those thinking that..'Once you are a bad are always a bad girl'..there won't be 'I'll accept everything that is imperfect in you..and I believe you did change'..Or i should not say there won't be anyone..Yes..there will be someone who can accept your imperfect-ness..but will this be the torn inside your heart forever? I just wanted a normal and happy relationship..someone to pamper me alot..spoil me alot..and make me feel like princess..okay..i guess i'm asking too much..but still...I want to be a princess in my boyfriend's heart..! =P

Why when a guy did wrong..then the girl can accept..and still love him the same way..but when a girl did wrong..the guy just turn back and say..I'm sorry..I don't think I can accept your it because the girl have a softer heart? I talked to a few of my guy friends..they say girl is much more cold blooded than guy..because when a girl decided a things already..then..they will stick to it..and no turning back..Well..i do agree abit on this..but how come the girl would react such way? Is it because the guy did something that irritate the girl..that's why only the girl is so cold blooded? So,don't always push the blame to the girl's side...

Will There Ever Be A Solution To A Happy Ending Relationship?

Thanks for the flower..I Likey..^^

I love how they bloom..eventhough they dried up already..=)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gadget or Bag?

Hello..i'm now waiting for the match to start..WORLD CUP FINALE...! yAy! And I'm totally so on SPAIN..hopefully they don't lose this time..cause each time..any team that I support sure sad lor..but Paul the Octopus predicted SPAIN will bring the trophy back!! So, Paul..please make sure u get it right..or else i predict the next'll be on the serving plates! BWAHAHAHA....!









This few days..I've been thinking..which one I prefer more..the phone or the bag..I'm not saying I'm rich..if I'm rich then I would buy both need to think bout just because recently i worked hard enough..So, I think I should pamper or reward myself which i haven't really do before..because last time..when i worked part time..all my salary go to..Spending my family dinner..! Buy pressie for daddy and mummy..! Bring little sis and bro to macdonald..! Spend my gfs cocktails..! I did spend a little bit on myself..Bought some clothes thou..LOL~ ^^

I wanna buy an IPHONE because..the other day..I was playing my friend's iphone..The angry bird game caught my attention..then..the other game too..which is totally cute..! i think i wanna buy an IPHONE because of the games~! Don't judge me is also because my phone is kinda spoiled..the keypad is giving me hard time..~! *Sorry..I know you bought it for me only last year..and I did protect it..but it just love falling on the floor and toilet..=P I also tak sampai hati wan to change it wan...LOL..

The next temptation..GUCCI bag..HO HO HO..I've been longing one very long actually..This is the only model I'm longing it for so long..You don't need to tell me..IT'S VERY NICE~! cause I already know IT'S VERY NICE and BEAUTIFUL..but i think this one i need to work another month more...*torturing~~ I do have a few COACH bags..but i LOVE this..and I will earn it no matter how..! HAHA...

That's all for now..I need to go out now and see the WORLD CUP ady...go SPAIN..! Yay! and..I just realized David Villa quite cuite...HO HO HO..bye bye..Ronaldo Christiano..! He can go back and wash his hair with CLEAR SHAMPOO...=P

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lil' J's Bbday~

Finally..back in Seremban..and I miss mua patrick max..hehe.. I need more rest...~ before class starting again on Tuesday..~ This is so sad...='( And my throat is killing me every morning for the past week..Every morning..wake up and crawl on the floor..just to drink water...@@..This is so torturing...awwwwwhhhh...=(=(=(

Anyway..last 2 little sis officially become 13 years old~! yAy! Turning to a super tall girl..and I hate it..Cause it makes me the shortest in family now..Huhuhuhu! That daddy brought us to steamboat for dinner..I had steamboat 2 days in a row..*faint..The previous day before steamboat with my family..I had steamboat-bbq with my friends..But it was nice! I just love steamboat! Nyek nyek nyek....Then, last min bought a cake for Lil' J~

Happy 13th Bbday..Lil' sis..Love U max~!

Lil' bro lighting up the candle..

Lil Sis n Mummy..=)

Kelly de Big Sis and Jenny de Small Sis...

mE and Lil' J...*hugs...

Daddy don't want to take photos because he shy...hehe..after cutting cake..Kelly sis and I went out to see the England match...Sobssssss....don't want to comment..heart breaking..okay..gotta go shower now..later going out to have yumcha session with family..long time din't see my family bad girl...=(...byeeeeeeeee.....

~have a nice day~

Monday, July 5, 2010

You Got A Snake in Your Boot~

Today , I just went for a movie..and i decided to blog about it..cause it's been a year since my last cartoon movie in cinema? I always think that watching cartoon in cinema doesn't worth that money..cause it's meant for the kids..and here it goes..The cartoon that I've watched in the year of 1995..that's 5 yrs already~

~I love the story line...Cute..Funny..and Worth Watching~

Spot the new characters..they are such a lovely~! Adorable and I desperately wanna cuddle them..!

One of the new characters..Mr.PricklePants..Ain't he a cutie? LOL...

I love this scene..where Buzz sing in Spanish..HO HO HO..I swear is romantic...and his dancing is killing..*this is the onli part I see him laughing...o.O

RATING : 8/10

Beside movie..I had dinner with my family earlier @ Kenny Roger..we had a good laugh and good time together...and off to movie with him..We had a good laugh too and a good talk..since I can't remember when we ever talk so many detail things..and we had a fulfill supper @ mamak that serve delicious Nasi Lemak with Ayam and Maggi Goreng..=) and end with a goodnight kiss...=D


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Loyal Man~

First title for the 'Sex and The Men" column...Loyal Man..How many men in Malaysia are truly loyal? Or how should we define a loyal man..? Yes..of cause..a man that don't cheat is a LOYAL man~Or maybe I should put in this way..A man who had sex with other girl out there..and when he come home..he still say the 3 magic words to you..and have sex with you..Is this counted loyal? I don't know..I don't know what's Malaysian culture...^^

Is it mostly elder man go cheat cause their wives no longer can satisfy them anymore..? Or a younger one..cause they have lack of resistance to lust? People often say 'Man can just laid with anyone..with any girls who offers that body to them..'...'Man can have sex with any girls without having feeling'..Is this true...Is sex a trade or something to fulfill your necessity? Try imagining this..You are in a bar..and a hot and nice looking guy ask you..'Are you wanna get laid tonight?' I would say..Malaysian ladies would either leave the bar quietly..or have her finger print on that poor guy..=) For me..I is a thing that can your relationship blooms~ Whenever a couple is no having sex anymore..They are DOOMED..~! I know it's quite random..=P

I once met a loyal man..whom I swear that he's the most loyal man that i ever met before in my life..I say so..because i witnessed it my eyes..and my heart felt the same way too..He did everything..than no one would ever will do or try to do..just to have me back in his life...But, i was young and stupid..always wanna try something new..catchy..or maybe tacky? Over and over again..I embarrassed him..I gave him the most dark nightmare..I made him lost his confidence in love and himself..I felt terrible..really terrible..So,as soon as i get my head clear..n unblinded my eyes..I see him..He's the one who is always be there for me..he's the one who listen and care for me..He's the one I know that I can depend on..He's the one who understand me the most..So, I try to mend it back..I want him back in my life..But soon..when i discover the little flirt between him and a girl...It totally rips my heart out..Somehow, he promised me he'll end it..because he love those little magic words always heart is soften..I know I just mention he is the loyal man in this earth..But wth..I swear that everyone does flirt..or fling~! Do not try to deny this..~

But..what i realized..It wasn't the same anymore..Each time he press his phone..each time he picks up a call..In my brain..keep thinking..could that be her? I keep telling myself..I need to put trust in this relation to work things out..I need to clear off my mind..! But,things seems worst even though I try not to think bout it..He doesn't call me those sweet name anymore..He called my last 2 name..which I haven't heard it for a very long time..I fucking long time..Had a shock instantly..Heart wanna cry out loud...Mood is turning emo and more emo..OMG..this is so happening..right now..He said this is a small matter..nothing big deal..I mean if any lady..who don't care about these tiny mini little matters anymore..THIS IS IT..This relation is O.M.G DOOMED..Anyway..we still go out..we do share laughter together..But deep inside..I'm not sure..Are we for real..? I don't know..Truly, i believe we will work this thing out and find the answer..=) *cross my heart and finger..winks..~

p/s : I hope I din't write too bad for the first column..=D

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sex and The Men I'm going to introduce you my new column which is called "Sex and The Men"..What trigger me to write this column is I wanna share my thoughts..or maybe I just wanna find something to write about..=) and maybe is because I'm watching Sex and The City series now..Just got it from my friend , Kelly..past few days ago..and sort of addicted to it now..You can say I'm a copycat or whatever..but hey..writing can improve my English..if you've been following my blog..I know that you know my English is just not that high only moderate..I admit it..okay~*blush..So, if I did write anything that make my readers disagree or unhappy..please feel free to drop comment and you are most welcome to share your experiences too..=)

Will try to come up with a topic tomorrow..Do contribute some ideas..Appreciate it max..=)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quattro's Night Out~!

Last my last day of 3rd sem..and HOORAY...that night..we girls decided to head to Quattro for dinner~! At 1st , thought of going over Zouk after dinner..because the music is Autumn was slow and old..can't feel the beat yet..maybe it's too early..LOL..But we stayed a little longer to wait for my friend arrival..While waiting..finally, we decided to go over Zouk..and BAMMM~! raining it kinda break our spirit to go over..Then , my friend came and the music started to get do we..And there the SHAKE SHAKE fun starting~ yAy~!

This is Us..when we reach Quattro~ Cam whore in toilet 1st..~!

The stoopidd raining pathway..we gotta wait till the rain stop to get to the restaurant~!

My pweeetyyy coursemates...~!

Luckily we ordered only 2 plates..cause the portion is damn huge..4 of us eat till crazy! But it was delicious..NOM NOM~!

My roomies...

The free drinks for ladies..all different taste..and it SUCK MAX~!

FML..see my reaction afer drinking that~!

And FHL...her reaction is worst...HAHAHA..~! Now you should know how bad it is..

A kind waiter helped us to take a group photos..~ from left : Lisa , Xiao Ling , Jie ying..=D

My Bestie aka Roomie , Lisa~! Muack Muack!

Kelvin and me..can u see Italy behind..They lost...~! ='(

The drinks we had that night..thanks Kelvin and Jimmy for their generosity..^^
~Hennessy and Heineken~

~Flaming Lamborghini for us girls..~

~Blow Job shots~

~A tower of cocktails~

They have some pole dances that night as well~! HOT~!

mE and Xiao Ling..*is her 1s time to club and she got so red after drinking..LOL

Jie ying the Sweet Pie~!

Started to feel the effect...*wee wang wang..wee wang wang..

The best group picture of that night..lurveeee it~!

So , after the lights are on..we are ordered to go out from the was a total fun that night..we dance all night..shake all night..drink all night..and BLAST~! I still feel my bones is in a healthy shape..not rusty yet..still can dance all night long..hehehe~! I just wanna say..YOU GIRLS MAKE MY DAY~! HUGS~!



I'm feeling bad everyday for not updating my blog..recently feel lazy like i don't know how to blog already..since after my friend's just break my spirit to blog anymore...and the laziness feeling is taking over me...*SIGH...

But anyway...i had fun max this few days...started from the last day of my paper...That night itself i went to Quattro with my sexy course's a crazy and super fun night..Cause it's been a while since my last trip to club..and i just realized my bones is still in good shape...hehe...the next day..i headed to Genting walk around...visited the casino a abit of luck that day..very abit..okay~! And i had buffet and watch a movie there also...~! Then,on sat..had bbq-steamboat with my frens and yum cha session~! The next day~ early morning climb up from the bed to sing K with my bestie...@@..sing till i got sore throat...and night..another steamboat session wif my family..lil' sister's bbday..*winks...Then usual..out again~! and later at night..had late yum cha session with my 2 buddies..! damn sot..yum till 4am..~! day..again hanging out wif frens to watch japan vs paraguay..poor japan..=(..and today..just back from MALACCA...! OMG...i got ulser in my mouth ady~! I guess i need to stay home for few days de..before my daddy ground me...LOL...

I will upload some of my beautiful photos soon!! as i wanna off to bed ady...very exhausted..but i enjoyed max every day....hope u all out there the same too..wheeeeeeee....!

This is taken @ Quattro that night..I lurveee tis pic..blekkkkk=P