Saturday, January 30, 2010


harlo..everyone..ladyV just got back to seremban...fuh...been walking alot under the hot sun these 2 days..but worth it...! been to alot of places..eating alot of nice food..ahhhhh~! de feeling is so satisfying...=D=D=D i tink i gained at least 3 kgsSsss..??? sigh...before tis i told my frens tat i mus diet for cny...!! tis time is so hai lat...wahahahaha....oh well..later goin out to make a surprise to one of my darling fren..her big day is tmr as i mentioned in my post earlier...i love surprises..onli the HAPPY one..! =P reali need a good rest..and start studying nx week..*cross finger...MUST STUDY MUST STUDDDDYYYY as my test is nx week sunday...on a weekend..awwwwhhh....depressed depressed...okie..tat's all for now..maybe the nx post i'll upload my long neck fren pics , the places i've been and the foodsSss tat make me fat pics..=D=D=D tata....hugs*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

happy day!

i'm goin to write a short post for now as i need to pack and go up SUNWAY to hang kai wif my QUANNIE...=D=D=D
dear peoplesSs...i'm goin for a trip tmr..yAy...!!! it's been quite sometime since my last trip to..urm..i oso not sure where ady..too long i guess..haha..cant wait to see my long neck and tall frens...wif big round eyes..hehe..and sitting at the beach to enjoy my ikan bakar..maybe satay celup oso..urm..maybe nyonya food too..too many yummy foodsss..hopefully the weather will be just fine..pls dun rain and pls dun be too sunny..! =(=(=( so i guess i wont writing any post these few wish me have a nice day tmr..and i wish u guy have a lovely weekend..! hugsss~~ =D=D=D and here i wish my darling fren AMY LAI ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY..MANY HAPPY RETURNS AND LENG LUI ALWAYS..! her big day is tis comin SUNDAY..hooray...!!! i sincerely wish u all the best in life ok..muackksss!

tis is my long neck and tall fren wif big round eyes..!

sayonara....!!!! =D=D=D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

preparing for CNY

A million thanks to MR.LAME for helping us to clean our fan today...we've been having this hectic problem since last yr till now..cause our senior who previously stay here before..urm..i'm assuming they dint clean the fan it's full of dustS and i cant even feel any wind at all..cham** but now the fan is spinning so fast till i scare the fan will drop down..choi..! =D lemme show u all our hero of the day..! wheeeee^^

serious face...
lisa and jie ying holding MR.LAME

our hero of the day..=D

jie ying sweeping the floor..serious look too...

lisa n zhen yi @ MR.LAME

mE and MR.LAME

Finally..we are almost done with our cleaning as last 2 weeks we just clean our toilet. We are now prepare for CNY. =D=D cant's wait..ang pau ang pau mari mari..before i end my post..tis is something i find it extremely cute tat i mus share wif u guys..!

a gigantic , huge , adorable , cute DORAEMON @ THE MINES!!!!

i took a pic wif the DING DONG too =P

okay..i need to do my assignment pillin up like crazy..kau meng ar..HELP..tolong..!! gtg..tata!! may u guys have a nice day~~

woohoo 大日子!

de main character

i wan the tigggieeee...CUTE~

i went watch woohoo today at the mines , serdang..! thanks to mr.potato for purposely drove up to ukm from sban to bring me kill my boredom..hehe..before this , alot of my frens been telling me that i shud go watch..they said 'You'll laugh from starting till the end'..oh well..i trusted them so i went and watch it..hmm..this movie is funny..the way they talk and act.if you are in bad mood ..or blue mood or trying to cheer ur gf/bf can try watching this movie..but i'll suggest you to watch during the noon where u can use ur student id for discount or watch it on wed where is onli rm6..! cause personally i tink is not that worth it to pay rm9! =P and i got to noe alot of new words such as 'lim beh , kanasai , fan shu'..XD and do support original..!! anyhow is our malaysian movie, riteeeee...dun support pirated...!

rating : 7/10

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

for bFf =D

You remind me of a flower,
Pretty, inside and outside.
A reason why people smile everyday,
A gift to all.

You remind me of chocolate,
Luscious and sweet.
Someone people can turn to in crisis,
Loved by all.

You remind me of a teddy,
Cute and huggable.
Someone people feel comfortable with,
Special to all.

You remind me of a balloon,
Happy and bouncy.
Someone people can have fun with,
Enjoyed by all.

You remind me of a lot of things,
But nothing can compare to the real person,
A friend I can look up to,
Cherished by me.

dear babes , quannie and kelly...tis is something i would like to tell u both..thanks for being wif me when i'm lost..thanks for not giving up on me and non-stop directing me to a right road..i noe i've been not so a good fren..i might have been selfish too..i might be stubborn for not listening to u guys..cause the right advise is always hard to listen and accept..=( neway, thanks for being tere when i needed someone's care=D=D=D p/s : thou the poem is not genuine , but is TRUE =)

us in year 2oo5

quannie and mE

mE and kelly

us in 2009

US in 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE U GUYS....~ i hope our friendship last forever...!♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, January 25, 2010

party@january 2o1o

A starting month of yr 2o1o..i've been having drinking sessions almost every weeks @@ all i can conclude is..i'm getting older.and i cant shake tat hard anymore..*slap forehead...neway..i had fun! =D=D maybe shud club more to re-energize..=P

started wif my roomie big 21 @ The Library

our drinks...=D=D

lisa and mE =D=D

zhen yi , lisa , mE , wai kiet , L

Next trip to The Opera , Sunway

my babes =D

kelly , yin loo , mE , mark , kei ching

kelly , wee chong , my sis , tim , kei ching , shi yee

the performer~
wee chong , tp n kelly..i LIKE tis alot..damn cute!

me n my darling kelly sis..~

Next trip to Phuture , Zouk

mE and wee chong

new frens =P

yin loo and mE

mE n shi yee

farewell cake for mark

me and mark

i tink that's all for connection is hell slow...uploading the photo really gave me a tough time..and i took 2 hours to blog instead of doin my assignmentSSS..=( okie..will see when i'll update my next blog..tata!! =D

Monday, January 11, 2010

another monday....=D

tis is my 2nd time i'm writing post..hehe..urm..still dealing with the add gadget and so on..very blur and confusing...!!!! but still...i tell myself be patient be patient...! dun give up..not on the 2nd post..! haha...i'm not sure why am i blogging in the 1st place..cause i know myself is a lousy blogger..=P..neway...gotta put some hardwork on tutorialSSSSSSS's gonna due on WEDNESDAY...! WTF....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1st time blogging~! =D

harlo..everyone..i'm vivian..a simple girl from seremban , negeri sembilan..*famous of siew pao..! =P sitting doin nothing in front of her lappy..sudd decided to blog..not sure how long tis will keep me..cause i'm a very lazy gal..especially if typing for go my 1st post...yAy...!! =D=D=D