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Full House@Sunway Pyramid

Last Monday..i went to Sunway Pyramid to have dinner with my old friend..At 1st,we thought of going to Popeye's..cause i've never try it before..I know..i'm out dated..LOL..Then i reached 1st than my friend so i walk and walk around's been some time since my last visit to Sunway Pyramid..and so coincidence..when i was walking pass Full friend called me and ask "where are you?".So, i told him..let's dine in Full House cause i'm lazy to walk..too hungry to walk around already..haha..I've never dine in Full House before also..don't laugh at me okay!

This is their Menu..special right..~!

The wall decoration~ is cute!

They sell decoration stuffs and other outlet they sell clothes as well too!

Look at the really nice and lovely..! Most of the people is working peoples..Is a nice place to chill after work..=)
Watermelon Juice and Green Tea

Mushroom Soup

Ham Sandwich with French Fries

Spaggeti with mushroom and chicken..NOM NOM..this is nice..! I lurveeee it...!

Me with the big head and cute boy~!

My friend, hard to make him take photo!

Full House is a nice place to dine in..I like the ambience there..Is very confortable..and is definitely a great place to take photos because I see alot of peoples taking their DSLR and snap snap..The price is reasonable too..not that expensive..and the most important thing of all is they serve nice and delicious food..but their service is not that good..maybe because their place is big and they are lack of they din't notice us..til we have to keep wave our hand.. HAHAHA....Overall..i Like it..Too bad , I din't get to taste their dessert..because the spaggeti makes me full max! I definitely wil visit Full House again..and try their desserts...That's all from me..TATA~!

Thanks to NN for IP Man2 movie~!

I just got back from Pavillion..and i just watched Ip Man2..all thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the tickets..this movie is really amazing..I love Donnie Yen..I love Donnie Yen..there i say it twice..and i'm going to say it again..I LOVE DONNIE YEN..because he has the most cute and adorable smile..I waited very long to watch this movie since after i watched part do Mr.Potato..So, I invited him to come with me..=) i love this movie not only because this movie is really also teaches you how we chinese people defend our very kung fu culture and not look down by other ( foreigners) ...and it also teach us how to respect each other...I wanna learn kung fu too...woots!

This is when i reached Pavillion GSC..the nuffnang counter..look at the long..~! I was afraid that we could not get a good seat..but turn out that we got the middle sit..lucky us..!

This is the tickets and the Nuffnang badge..! My very 1st Nuffnang badge..I'm suppose to have 2 i missed the date night movie..! arghhhhh~!

And this is me~! hahaha...~! showing off my tickets and the public...*pai seh~

I guess that's no need me to intro Ip Man2 movie to u guys..cause i bet all of u should have see the trailer..but i'll do a quick and short one..hehe..this movie is something similar to part the chinese kung fu got humiliated..and Ip Man Master at the ending of the movie..wil stand up and fight back...LOL..That's my review..hahaha! and here is my rating...
RATE : 10/10


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

With P1Wimax, i can go travel anywhere i like without considering wheter that place got wifi anot..With P1W1max..I can surf internet everywhere..just need to bring my lappy and living the restaurant..i can surf 24/7..Whenever i'm bored..i can immediately online and play facebook , twitter and somehow i can even blog...I no need to keep finding for wifi..just to surf the intenet..For your info, Internet is very important to me because i need to check my mail every hour! Beside that , i need to update my blog as well..and update myself with nuffnang event..and update my twitter..hehe...Without worrying anything...i a just travel with open heart..LOL..

To start my road trip , i'll start from my home..and due to my home haven't install internet yet, so i'll use my P1W1max to online..and update my status at Twitter.. Yay,let's start my road trip to Ipoh...then again..i use P1W1max to blog about the famous chicken rice and soya bean...! next,continue to Penang..NOM NOM..again i use P1W1max to blog about the prawn mee and penang the stall right away! Where can you find wifi at the road side stall right..! hahaha...Next , i continue to Pulau Langkawi..i snap snap the scenery there..and again i can post up the beautiful photos and share with my reader...=D..with the help of P1W1max..wher can you find wifi at the beach rite...haha...! And at the same time...i can update my twitter and facebook too...beside that, I used to read star news thru online..hehe...Next..i will travel up to Thailand...and try some Thai spa~! I just love spa..the feeling must be great and relaxing..after spa..sitting at the beach and drinking coconut...and the most important thing is i can online play facebook and blogging...the whole situation is just perfect~! woooohooooo~!

With whole family can go travel sister and brother love online..they got nothing to worry and get bored with P1W1max~! My little b1rother can play online game in the hotel and because of mostly hotel's line is slow..using P1W1max will be much better...=D...And my sister is a computer nerd..she need to check her mail like me almost every half an hour..P1W1 just ease our pain and burden..hehe~! I just love P1W1max..wheeeeee~!

This is epi 8~!

This is epi 9~!

And there you go..epi 10~!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GATSBY for everyone!

Sorry...for the late GATSBY update..hehe...just finsh my last paper yesterday..and finally..having a peace of is fun not to carry books around..haha..i can really guarantee you that..So, here is my post about Gatsby event that took place in times square..=)
Early in the morning , 9am..Ting poh with her GF which is oso my GF , Kelly came fetch me and we reach bout 935am..that's early you know..I never wake up so early before in this 22yrs to go shopping center! hahaha!

Look at the crowd~that's already alot of blogger and peoples when we reached.!

mE and my GF , Kelly

Lining up to register and get our goodies bag..did you spot fourfeetnine? =P

US in the goodies bag~! consist of a t-shirt and a fan!

After we change..into red T-SHIRT~

There's snake board game...

Balloon Dart's game..

The ceremony begin~!

Ting Poh played the change tyre game..I played too..wheeeeee~

Us among all the people in red...

After playing and busy collecting coupons , we head to Room Eighteen for brunch! Sorry to say the food there is not friend order the chicken and pork rice..he can't even finish half of it..*BIG SIGH

I ordered this..thai mee hoon..sweet and spicy taste..

Here is my Gatsby fan along with my froggie fan =D

To those who missed the event..all i can is You missed the fun~! It is hell lots of fun! And is also my 1st time attending Nuffnang event..I attended the event eventhough it was middle of my exam..Luckily , i did attend it ..If not , surely i will regret it for a long long long time..haha..and i met Supia and Krazygal too..they are my Innit buddies..hehe..! but too bad, i dint get to take photo with them! okay..that's all from me..TATA...!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A girl's Thinking...for the DICKs to understand...

Simply writing a few words to let all the DICKs out there to know a girl's thinking..Personally, it come from my thoughts...So, you'll know what to do and what you should not do..To know why a girl react this way and why she does not react that way..Do correct me if i'm wrong..thanks!

~When a girl stop scolding or nag you means that they start not to care bout you anymore..they become immune and starting to love you less...knowing that you'll never change...

~When a girl talk motionless to you means you really make her upset and heart arching..and lotsa disappointment...eventhough she's hoping for a miracle to happen..

~When a girl did so much to show that she love you , she really means it..and hope you'll love her back more than she do..Is not that we girl can't love u DICKs just that we girls need to be feeling secured and pampered..that's the universal rules okay!

~When a girl keep asking you to join her family's activities..means hardly that's anyone can replace you..DUH...what can u ask for more...she's yours...!

~When a girl ask for sex...means she wants to feel being loved? i'm not so sure bout this..and you DICKs out not that when you want it then you get it okay..sometimes we girls want it too..! =P

~When a girl call you and wanted to talk more longer on the phone..hopefully her relation will be much stronger..sometimes by just talking on the can make the girl's heart melt..but make sure your topics is just right...making a girl laugh conquer her heart easily..*winks!

~When a girl keep asking what's time to set alarm and what time your class...she's not trying to control you or bug you..she just wanna make sure you are not late for class...

~When a girl cook for should be feeling damn happy cause she do not simply cook for random people...!

~When a girl is still holding on you when your relation is on the rock..all i can say is save it while you can..don't be sorry or regret bout it after it's gone..cause she will never look back anymore...

~When a girl is mad or extremely mad..or after both of u argue...either you cheer her up with two kenny roger's muffins or stay away from her for 2 days..but do still text her when you are staying away..

Basically , that's all i can think now...if anyone wants to add on..feel free to leave a comment..thanks...! to all the love birds out there...have a wonderful day..and to the single one..don't'll get thru your days...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

Yes , it truly a dream destination is PARIS...i love could you don't love PARIS..It's the most romantic and nicest place on earth to visit...But , i'm still saving money for it..Not sure when can save enough to go as my money is always running low..=(..I really would love to have my wedding there..Wearing those lovely gown..i mean the ancient gown..not those modern one..hehe..I bet it would be very romantic as their hotel is alike palace..You'll feel like you are a princess for once in a lifetime..In Paris , you'll get to see their beautiful scenery no matter is day or night..I think night time will be much better..cause all the cities is like up with colourful lights..every building is covered with lights..Can you just imagine that? And their food..i guess it's the most unique food they have...Their pizza and spaggeti should be taste like heaven! And a matter of fact..the both dishes i mention is in my favourite food list...

This is the Eiffel Tower..Look at the night scenery..isn't it awesome..just standing by the bridge at the lake..with the hug of your love one..the moment is just wonderful..! Woots..! And we can always dine in a fine restaurant and taste their real western food..NOM NOM...just like the picture below..!

See...all the food in Paris is just so different from my country Malaysia..even their desserts look cute and i don't think i'm willing to eat tummy is making noises now..seeing the food picture..=(

Beside that , you can also travel by foot from places to places. As the places there is quite near to each and another...and the meantime you can enjoy the scenery around...meeting with some European..their language is awesome..! I love french is Je t' now u learn another new language...Tell to anyone that u love..your parents your lover , sister and brother..just anyone..spread the love!
Je t'aime ppl!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and
Here is the project alpha season2 epi 4/49! have fun watching it!

This is epi 5!

Here goes the epi 6 ! woots!!

This is epi7!

Date Night & Bodyguard 'n' Assasins movie!

Yesterday , I watched two is date night movie. This one i watch at sunway pyramid..and another one is bodyguard and assasins. And this one is home dvd..obviously..cause this movie is last year..LOL..both movies is really awesome..! i feel fuly satisfied with'll never get bored watching it...Let me start with date night movie review...and tell you why you must watch the both movies..

Date night movie is about this boring couple from New Jersey who are trying to change their life style for once..So , the husband (Steve Carell) plans to bring his wife (Tina Fey) to a fanstactic dinner at the town called Claw restaurant. They thought that they could get a table when they arrive but sadly it is fully booking..But the smart hubby took other people's reservation instead. Too bad for them , they were mistaken as the Tripplehorn couple who stole something from Joe Milleto (the bad guy) and there were bad cops going after them. So , the catching part is really hilarious..I laughed till my tears almost roll down.LOL..I won't tell the ending to you cause I wanna make you suspend and go watch it..It's actually very suitable for couple who are on a date..=) p/s : i won the Nuffnang invitation tickets and i Fucking regretted i din'g go cause of Fucking exam...

Look at Mark Walberg's body...WOOTS!

This is the funny part start~!
Next , I'm going to introduce you this i find this movie is really heart touching..This movie is about people in china wants democracy system don't want to be control by the Qing Dynasty anymore..This is because this people had enough of poverty and hunger..They want to have their own freedom And this man Dr.Sun Yat Sen is the man who come to rescue this people..In order to keep Dr.SUn safe, this group of people plans everything and even willing to sacrifice their own life to make sure their plan works..I watch this movie without feeling any sleepiness but keep wanting to know what happen next..The action part is good know how Donnie Yen acts..His move always look real...=)

This is Nicholas Tze , he died in action..

Leon Lai , the one with high martial art and the most cool one...

Fan Bing Bing acted as Donnie Yen's ex gf and Master Li's concubine

Donnie Yen in action..Shadow Kick is it?
This both movies is way AWESOME..Make sure you guys go watch it and for those who have question bout this movie example afraid that the movie will be boring..TRUST ME..NO WAY..this is the movie that makes your day shine and bright..That's all for now..Have a great day ahead..Today is Thursday! Means Clubbing NIGHT~! but no CLUBBING for me as i still have one more last paper on monday...=( TATA...!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Does 1 Malaysian still exist??

Yesterday , i was playing msn..and suddenly my friend nudged me and said..

Ryan : hey , take a look at this a must read post..this guy damn racist wei..

Me : Urm , i lazy lar..playing msn bowling ni..haha

Ryan : a must read...

Me : okok...

So , i clicked the link and open it..and then , when i saw the topic..oh just something normal politic i continue reading..and then when i see the 1st eyes ball and TOTALLY DROP..! walau eh..i have never see such a racist guy before in my life..and yet he dare to voice it out in his blog..After reading it , i feel that i must blog this share with you guys out there..

Is like he's saying we chinese and indian should be taken back our citizenship..we don't belong in does this mean that we should be send back to China and Indian..? WTF...and then he was saying that we the chinese and indian should not be given chance to vote and all the non-muslim parties should be banned..WTF again..the most WTF part is..he said our batu cave statue and the penang buddha statue should be demolish just because they are bigger than the mosque..OMFG..~! Seriously , is he the guy that provoking everyone to rebel?? To cause our country a big mess and not longer in peaceful?? I know that we are given the freedom to talk but still..we should only say what's right and not keep brain washing people's brain with negative thing..

I won't say our country is that peaceful BUT every country does have their own issue..but still we Malaysian still get to go shopping and partying around..LOL..Not like those countries that booming here and there..BOOM BOOM BOOM..all the children living in fear..they'll never know what's SHOPPING CENTER , PLAYGROUND and so on..I don't think anyone of us would want this situation to happen..Me as a chinese girl , who have alot of MALAY and INDIAN friends..I feel that's no need to have we are all same human being..I talk and joke to anyone i know..from light brown skin to brown skin and black skin..except those peoples that are bad..Sometimes i even think why am i chinese..and not other races..cause the INDIANs ,they have long eye lashes..I envy the most..the MALAYs ,they all have beautiful eyes while i have small eyes..=(

Honestly , i think the blog writer should have remove the post and apologize to everyone..It's really disappointing and heart breaking reading the post..I don't want our country to end before year 2012..And yet , if you see the comment of the damn funny wei...i can't stop laughing myself either...even he's own kind don't support him as well..I'm not sure what's his motive but i'm pretty sure he might create some issues over here..and yet there goes our 1 MALAYSIA...Here is the link to the post..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 8 - My Version of Grooming Tips

I always have groom myself well..Do you?? You know what..Grooming is the most important as it gives people the first impression when they look at you..Let's say you wore a slipper to a dinner function , People might think that you are cleaner while you are a guest..! Worst more , they might even barred you from going in! Like an example , when you wanna enter a club..or a school or hospital..they always have a board telling you wad to wear~ is because 1) they want you to look gorgeous and hot in their club , and for hospital , they want you to look decent and nice so that it don't offend other people eyesight! And let's say your fringe hair is long till it cover your eyes..people might thought you don't have money to go cut hair.. It actually look quite disgusting okay! And also try not overdress okay...Wear a suitable attire to suitable function..If you wear wrong attire to wrong function..It does make you look extraordianry where people keep staring at you and giggling~! LOL..I don't think you want that to happen right..Neither do i...Let me tell you how i always groom myself before going out..

1) make sure a have a clean bath from head to toe...WASH WASH WASH~~
2) rmbr to comb your hair nicely..
3) wear clean better if you iron it 1st..and not those that wore already and been hang on your hanger for few days! =O
4) the most important part ! pls smell your armpit abit lar...! remember to apply deodorant..! just a few spray will do! sometimes deodorant will have a lasting effect than perfume!
5) if you have a perfume , spray it on your wrist and apply some on your neck..! because our neck is the most sensitive part..!

Here is the video of Project Alpha Season Epi 1/49..It's a must watch! Have fun watching it okay~!

This is the epi 2....

This id the epi 3~! wheeeeeeee~

Little Penang @ Midvalley

Hello , today i'm going to recommend you this place to dine in if you are taking a walk in MIDVALLEY..I guess most of you already know this place as this place is famous and is been very long in business ady! I think my 1st visit is during when i'm Form 3?? LOL... This place is called Little Penang..located at Lot F001 and 100 First Floor, Mid Valley Megamall.. I've tried before their nasi lemak specialties , hailam mee and ais kacang before..and it taste so good..till i think my saliva is drooling now..slurrrppp...HAHA..and the my last and Mr.Potato tried this..=D Why want go till penang to eat when u can get all the delicious here!!
There U go..the contact number...ringgggggg!!

Look..It's been reviewed before in the newspaper!

The MUST HAVE Penang taste so good till u feel like in heaven!

The 3 dishes and it comes with rice..

Their FAMOUS nasi lemak with asam prawn..NOM NOM~!
I would say is worth to eat as the food there is very nice..and the environment is so comfortable..that makes you not wanting to go and wanting to eat more.LOL..eventhough the price might be expensive than those food in mamak..but the taste of the foods is way different..! i like the food here~! worth to try~!
p/s : due to i left my camera at home , so i guess i will blog about the gatsby event asap...wheeeeeee! and and..i got free ticket to IP Man 2 from MyStar..~! and and...i left one more paper to kill...yAy!!! u guys have a nice day...XOXO...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Me~!

I'm not suppose to be blogging..cause i'm still having exam..but my exam paper is driving me i found some of my funny photos and i missed my last time hair..awwwwhhhh...sad...neway , tmr i'll be attending the gatsby to all the other blogger who is going..see you there! can't wait..this is my 1st time going for NUFFNANG should be fun cause 400 bloggers will be there and it might enter world guiness record..=P

This is me before cutting hair...p/s : i'm wearing tube dress ok! =P

This is me after cutting hair

People said i look cute after cutting hair..and adorable..WTF..i dunwan adorable..LOL...okay..ciaos..gotta take some nap..last night only sleep for 3 hours and this morning went to exam hall with empty brain..=( EXAM SUCK...WE SHALL STOP KILLING TREES..LOL...