Friday, September 17, 2010

Chilling @ Movida

Before Raya holiday started..I followed my sister to her uni's gathering..They gather at Movida @ Sunway Giza.Is my 1st time to Sunway Giza actually...and they have this very big Full House restaurant..Cute! The environment is not bad as they have alot of restaurant there and not least there are alot of bars and pubs too..Movida is a good place to chill..They have outdoor and indoor..If you dun like noisy music..then you can choose to sit outside..The most attracting part is on Wednesday night..5girls in a group will get a bottle of Vodka for free..! This is GOOD~! Plus, the food they absolutely DELICIOUS..I'm not going to post up the FOOD's photo 1st as I wanna do something special about it..=P And I've been to Movida twice in a week..! I sort of like that place already...=D

~Movida's Menu~

We got the Bacardi Limon for free~! And during Happy Hours..Buy 1 bucket free 1 bucket..Only for Rm98..quite a good deal for Heineken..=)

Me and Kelvin's friend..! He's quite a dancer! =P

~Kelvin and me~

~Kelly sis~

~Kelly sis's and her friends~

~Kelly Sis , Eileen and Mjie~

~I had Flaming that night..and it taste NICE..thanks to Kelvin~

Lastly, me and my sis again~! We don't look alike at all..right..I know..! Sister is much taller than me alot..*jeles..!

Another 2 more holidays is going to end and I have to go back jungle..This is so sickening...exam and assignment all coming up..and I hope the TmNet people will come fix the streamyx ASAP..or else I'll fetch all the technician to my house and get the streamyx done..HAHAHA...Life without internet..I can say is like living during dino time? =P

p/s : I once hear before, listening to sad songs will only make yourself more sad..How come I'm addicted to sad songs..='(

~I wish everyday is a happy day for me and for you too~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Galaxy S~!

HIE...I just got back from fren's raya open house..The food is so yummy yummy..I can actually feel myself growing fatter.. Coming back to home town is a sweet thing..but just that I gained alot of weight..due to I keep NOM NOM NOM...oh noooooo...Need to go back Uni and get back on track already..need to go back and jogging..I'm inspired to be slim~! hehe..Now i say it..I HATE THE FEELING OF MY TUMMY BOUNCING WHEN I WALKED DOWN THE STAIRS..OMFGWTF..~~!!! =|

Anyway, I wanna share with you guys about how great is my baby Galaxy S doing..She's been hot and awesome..nyek nyek..This is the application I called PhotoFunia..So anyone of you that is using Android software..go download this application..Is fun to play with...=)..Here's a few of the pictures that my baby galaxy produced...!

Nice right..It's total amazing and beautiful~! HAHA..Sowie..I can't help myself by keep praising my baby galaxy! Actually is quite a not bad phone..thou sometimes it does gave me a headache..So be good to me baby Galaxy or else I'll sell you out...Haha..That's all for now..Will update my post bout raya hols..I need to do sketch something on my thesis now..Damn!!

p/s: Happy Malaysia Day..Hope everyone have a nice day..Shop more..Sleep more..And have FUN~!


p.p/s: Vampire diaries and Gossip Girl is out..Yay!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Look Out Point~!

Hello...Is a been a while I've abandon my blog..='( and this is a very old post also..But yet I wanna share with u guys because is my 1st time visiting to Look Out Point..Is located at Cheras or Ampang..I heard that's 2..and I'm not sure which one i went...HAHAHA...Neway, thanks to Aaron for bringing me there..*Aaron..if you are reading this..please remember my souvenir from Auckland..=P

The environment is not bad..I like the nice and relaxing..but parking is quite limited..because we had to park in front of some restaurant which we are forced to dine in there...@@! Luckily the food is delicious..YUMMY..and we can see the whole view of KL..this is nice..=) but too bad, it was raining heavily that night so we could not walk up the hill..What a miss~! So we just sat there and chit chat..and suddenly..BING*..Aaron suggested to go happy hour at Library , Midvalley..Off we go...~~

Their menu..

The view of KL~~ ^^ Did you spot the 2 Jagung?? =P

Aaron's Fried Rice

My lamb chop with ham..~ Fattening..@@! *I think I missed snapping the wedges..too busy eating..^^

Now i present u the Hoegaarden..Somehow we missed 2 more pints..Cause it came after we finish this..Hehe...

~I missed the month of August and I hate the month of September..Please make September fast fast over..and I hope October will be a better month..~ So , wake me up when September end..Counting down..Tik tok Tik tok..~!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mars and Venus...

What's with man and women now..What's with the word L.O.V.E..What's with the eternity and last forever..What my dictionary tell me is that's no true love, that's no eternity and that's nothing last forever..I might sound like a broken hearted girl..Yes, I had some rough patches on my past..and I've seen alot too..Man that already has a girlfriend and yet fell in love with another girl..Man that already married and yet still go out flirt..Is this our trend now..Too much social life..Too much flirting..and sometimes you gotta blame on the alcohol..
I'm not sure whether a woman is more cold blooded or a man more cold blooded..Once before , a guy friend of mine told me that when a woman's feeling really means FOR GOD SAKE..SHE REALLY CHANGED..and that's no way or nothing you can do to win her back..When a man change, he will easily change his mind if the girl ask him to go back to her..WTF..I always thought is the other way round..I thought girl is the soft hearted and always hoping that her guy would come back and ask her back. For me, thou I love someone..I will not ever ask him back as I want to feel secure..Because if he really do come back..means he loves you..I know..I'm pathetic..People used to say Happiness is something you gotta grab it yourself..if it's gone..that's no one to blame but yourself..that You missed the opportunity..when you know he/she is the one..
Sometimes is hard to figure what a man is thinking..what's in his brain..and what his wants..I know a girl's mind is hard to figure it out too..So i guess is fair to both side..Just that how come when a gf treated her bf so well..and decided to love him and no one else..but her bf don't appreciate it and gotta create a mess that going to hurt the gf..Why when a gf sacrifice so much,all the troubles she gotta go thru, the bf don't appreciates it as well..Why when a gf decided to take off..that's when the bf said 'Bring me back to when I'm your number 1'. But how come when the bf said so, he doesn't act like one..This is weird..
Sometimes I quite don't figure out is how come things can change so fast..just like the wind like today you say you love someone..and the next day both of you become some stranger..a very familiar stranger..You promised to love her,just her and no one, spoil her like a princess, make her laugh everyday like an idiot, let her win thou she's in the wrong..But guess what, promises is meant to be broken..You used to go out so often because you said you misses her so much that you gotta see her..but now you don't ask her out anymore..and you rather out with your friends..You used to laugh and talk non-stop on the phone..but now is like..when you talked, you feel awkward..don't know how to start a topic..don't know what to say..You paused each time when you finish a line. When you look at those SMS that you received before..It was so sweet that you keep smiling when looking at it..and how come the SMS that you received now no more bringing smiling but a feeling of sadness..and confused..You used to get SMS all the time..and now is like once a day..How come things were good..but just a mistake..a mistake that you know it would bring harm to the relation..that It would ruin it all..Everything that you build..Or things that you build is not reality..Is just a fantasy that has a limit time..Tik Tok..Tik Tok..Times Up..~ So, Is time to wake up and back to reality..


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Current Situation~

Hello,Peepies...Currently I'm in a total mess..and thinking to abandon this blog a while..='(
This is because...

~Today my thesis chapter 1 got rejected..Gotta redo..I'm crossing finger hopefully can finish in time..cause I have 5chapters to finish..FML~
~I applied a few internship and I got laughed because I applied too early when my internship is only starting on Dec and no one called me for interview..FML~
~My Bangi house got NO FUCKING STREAMYX, I have to go donut cafe and damn BORING at home..FML~
~I'm growing fatter due to keep eating when back jogging goes to the drain..FML~
~How come wherever I go..somehow it reflects something..and I'm definitely not feeling good bout this..FML~

Oh well..I think that's all..I know it might sound nothing to you but it sound something to tiring and had a bad headache whole day..from last night till now..OMG..cham-ness..Gotta run..~