Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blogging from DHL...

Hie...SOWIE SOWIE SOWIE..I know it's been a very long time since my last updates...Im guessing Im sorta lazy to blog anymore...oh well..at least I blogged almost a year rite...!!! Lol...Currently, Im at my office now...Kinda free..So it struck my mind to blog...To update People who reads my blog..Im doing my internship now at DHL @ Menara Axis, PJ. I started on 1st December 2010..Yay...Is ady a month Im doing internship..and now left 3 more months to go..Im serving in the AskHR department..Internship have been good..Is a lot of eating activitites during December month...=O I thought i will grow thinner..but it turns out that Im getting fatter...=O *horrible* People in DHL been very kind to me...but i do met some seniors that are nasty..Oh well, that's the life of working..That's always conflict in working place..Throughout this one month..I learned alot in DHL but at the same time..I realize that Im not so into HR jobs..and I guess I wont be doing HR after graduating..I wanna be jobless and have fun!! hahaha...Hmmm...since after started intern, I've been very healthy...!! Yay!! I sleep early and wake up early..I drink a cup of milk every night before i sleep..The most important part is I cut down on beers alot..IS FREAKING ALOT...hahahaha..My new year resolution is DETOX and stay healthy and happy..=D

Gotta run now..assign wif works now...=)


Signing Off,