Monday, December 6, 2010

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin!!!

Hello..peeps..Here i come again with good stuff..Today..after work..I took LRT to Kelana Jaya..When i was crossing the bridge to the taxi stand..I saw a promoter..She was giving out something..and alot of people rejected it..So,when it was my turn to pass by her..I tried to avoid..but then,she walked quickly towards me..and handed me the stuff..She said.."Miss,FREE GIFT FOR U!" So,without hesitation I grab it and run off..LOL..and I took a close look..It's KOTEX NEW KOTEX LUXE ULTRATHIN..!! Actually,last year during the same time of the year..I did distribute the same other meaning I worked for KAO before..It was good pay! Hehehe..And this was came wif two pads and STICKY SWEET..last year it was onli pads and normal chocolate..FYI,sticky sweet is very popular now! It's origin from Singapore if i'm not mistaken..They also have a shop in 1 Utama..=)

P/s=Kotex Luxe aim for middle and high class working this pad is rather expensive than other pads..but I can tell that you that I used their 1st launch Kotex Luxe throughout the whole year..and I LOVE IT..Is nice!! This kotex luxe ultrathin overnight is the first ultrathin overnight pad that gives you breakthrough Fusion Technology combining dryness and comfort with just 1Pad..

So,try to aim for them..LOL..Dont aim wrong people..okay..! normally they always gather around places where there is a big Lrt..Office..University..this is from my experience..and if their concept is still same..It's available in Watson and Jusco supermarket..You also can visit for more info...

P/p/s= Happy Awal Muharram..Off day for me..wheeeeee!

Signing Off,
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cute Stuff

Halo..good day to all..after postin cheap sale about Pantene at my previous im going to share with u bout this cute stuff aka Dove mine shampoo and conditioner...! I got this 2 bottles for FREE by buying CLEO and FEMALE mag..! I dun use to buy 2mags at one time..cause is kinda waste money..I doesnt have much time to read usually i'll go for FEMALE mag cause got more things to read lo..but this month i bought both..Just for the mini shampoo and conditioner (30ml)..hahaha.. Is nice to bring for travel lo~~ sooooo mine n cute..!! Go to the nearest store now to grab it..

P/s = Some places..they will take out those free just be alert lo! I mean is your right to have it mar!!

Signing Off,
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cheap Sale!!!!!

This is something I gotta share!!!!! Hurry Up..Go to the nearest WATSON and grab ur own Pantene Hair Mask for onli Rm1.80..90ml..Can u believe it..It is sooooo cheap..that i got myself 4bottles of my friend bought 7bottles..Nutsss! The most awesome part is the small bottle bout 40ml is sellin for Rm3.60..WTF! Im not sure why..but I tried last night..and it's definitely good..Come onli Rm1.80 and is damn hair now is silky straight..and smooth..

Your truly,
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Complicated Being

If male think that female is a complicated being..Then think about yourself..males..what trigger female to be complicated..Is it too simple that the male gotta make it complicated only? Females seek only security and happiness from male..A female that been waiting for a long time to have a real status and a real relationship is getting tired even though the female still love the male..The female know that she will regret one day..But female knows that is the best..Cause situation will always be the same..argue and misunderstanding..So, what's the point of waiting till the big day? when things is going to remain the same..Female need to feel being loved..Not picking a call from male sounded drunk which the female not sure also..and talking something random which is really making the female disappointed not angry..Female don't know where is she standing in the male's heart..How come almost 5 years and the male can't accept the female laughter..each time when the female laugh too loud in cinema..the male gave a weird staring and bad comment..sigh.. Yes, female is talkative as well..But seems like the male is the quiet wan..Aiskz..Wrong chemistry female assume..Female chose to intern somewhere near the male because female wanted to see male as often as possible but it turn out to be stress for the male..Somehow, the male was keep going out with friend before the female coming seems that the male is going to prison once the female is up..female gave up the choice that she wanted to be with the male is somehow felt stupid now..How come last time the male can travel purposely from Damansara to Bangi just to bring the female to dinner and now the male keep saying he's busy with assignment..where halfway of assignment-ing..the male went out for yum cha session.. shouldn't the male rush to finish his work and come back earlier? So, ended up, the male can't be back on friday night where he promised to be back for movie..and then came back late in the Saturday noon..and gotta go back on early Sunday night..But, the females did not complain nor angry for several weeks till now..Yes, female remember once that the male make her the male purposely bought a kfc dinner from Seremban for the female in Bangi and went back Seremban was come male only can be more caring when the female is angry? Anyhow,female waits no more..Perhaps is just that the male don't realize that his heart is already changed..Female did her best to love the male but she pour out too much love to sea..which can't be collect back..and female wish the best for the male..

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello..Movie review time!! It's been a while since I review a movie in my been kinda hectic lately..but still I will pampered myself to go see nive muvee..So last week, after my papers..I came back to hometown and catch a muvee 'Takers'..At 1st, when I hear the doesn't sound great to sounded boring..but kitty chua wanna watch it..So,'s comes the review..!

The movie is excellent..! I love it..Is something unusual from those normal good guy and bad guy routine muvee..! This is something different..The ending is different as well..! Their action is great..Not some predictable muvee..And alot of Handsome guy in it!! I'll show you which wan I favor the most!!

I favor the 1st one-Paul Walker and the 3rd one-Hayden Christensen..! *saliva droolin

One of the scene! Love it~!

T.I aka A rapper..I dint know when I was watching the muvee! =P

Pls don't be shock..I din't know which one is Chris Brown till now when I blog bout it..HAHAHA~

RATING : 8/10
~go watch it if u haven't watch~
~worth your time and money~

p/s : will update a few more muvee to share with u guys that I feel is BEST!

Signing Off,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How I Wish!

How I wish that someone special will hold my hand..finger through finger..swinging along the i miss the feeling of walking and hugging someone special along the street..or someone special hugging me along the nice if I can have this kind of feeling back..not sure how long to wait..but waiting process is seriously making me tired..Wait..I wish for someone special hold my hand..I mean PALM..not hand wrist..Holding my hand wrist..what are you trying to tell me now!? I think if someone would just come and hold my hand and tell me that I'm the special one..Telling me all the sweet words..Call me and talk to me..Chit chatting on phone for hours..OMG..I never speak on phone more than an hour for a very long time ady! I love talking..I love laughing out loud in cinema..Can anyone accept that..? How nice if someone could just listen and response to my talk and laugh out loud with me..It would definitely melt my heart..But dream is always never come true..and not least..finding someone right isn't easy..sometimes is just funny..when someone love u so much..u tend not to love them..but someone don't really love you..u tend to love them so much..this is weird..everyone tend to bitchy I guess..hahaha..I don't can't say that I'm bitchy cause looking for love..Is normal if i wanted to find a love that last..not some random play..Anyway what's wrong with random play! It sounds fun a friend of mine..she's having a hell great of time..but seeing you actually made me feels one is categorized in my far worst category..congrates..u are the 1st one! Perhaps I can survive from not to love..and being loved..Staying single and lone ranger should be fun..Can have fun and crazy all night without concerning the other half getting piss or upset..Is just too tired to love again..when too many failures along the way..but people wont get tired to love right..cause this is something normal to fall in and out from love..Is just depend on the situation..maybe you turn into loving the same gender..!! HAHAHA~! Sometimes I'm thinking what are you making me wait for..It kinda hurts me..that I don't know what I'm waiting for..Don't make me wait if you do not tend to give me beauty got limited time! Can you do something romantic..! like letting me know that i am number 1 in your heart..Pieces girl love romantic guy..and romantic is not can be practice..! and romantic does not need costs..It depends on your imaginary..! Do pieces guy looking for a romantic girl as well? Hmm..I'm curious..but I guess should be lor...LOL..Sigh...not sure what I'm writing here..Crapping nonsense I shall say..Too boring..No mood to study! Is my final exam already..I mean my last time to walk in the hall and have exam in UKM more exam in my life..! I'm going to start intern at DHL on dec! new life new beginning! Hopefully by rejecting IBM..I will not regret..cause my heart really wanted just because of a not so solid reason..I chose DHL..Eventhough I got alot of negative comments bout IBM..people said is very stress, no one can survive for more than a year there..but when I walked in the office and somehow make me feels that I belong there..Stress is always my thing..=P I did not say DHL is not good..Is also a big company..but the interviewer did not impress me like how the IBM interviewer did..Oh well..I already made my me a DHL cheap labour now! LOL..Hopefully this 4months..the reason I chose DHL will produce a fruitful result..I'll impress my employer,make her hire me as permanent and perform my best~! And also archive what I aiming for.. Yes, I am a workaholic..not less..I am a alcoholic,shopaholic..any holic-thingy will do..HAHAHA~! I guess I should stop crapping and get to study mode..!

Signing Off,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bloom Like Flower

Im just testin my blogger droid by uploading picture! This flower is from Aaron..Very nice of him trying to make me feel happy after my interview at DHL..I kinda suck during the interview..=( But then,lucky me..I got my intern place there! Yay..Sometimes when luck make a person feel
Wad im trying to say is..After DHL interview..I went for IBM test..passed it..passed 1st interview..this comin monday goin for 2nd interview..and im gettin a good feelin about this..So..Im in dillema..Which wan should i go for!? Aiskzzzz! I heard alot of bad remarks from IBM..Like overstress..turnover rate very high..n bla bla bla..but the interviewer did impress me! I guess i shud go for the interview and then onli decide..
P/s: will be quite busy nx week onward..cause final startin and thesis due SUCK..but no more classes to attend anymore!! life ROCKS!!

Signing off,
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lil' Patrick 'w' Bear Bear!

Last week, I brought my lil' patrick up to Bangi for fun! It's the 1st time he's travelling so far from home..wheeeee...Feels so excited..This little patrick is almost bout 7yrs old ady? But still in good condition..cause he's in a good hand..ME! hahaha...So, one evening..I brought lil' patrick to meet bear bear which belong to Lisa..So, their 1st time meeting is like this....very sweet~~ and before you scroll further down..I gotta warn you this few pictures may seem like abit 18sx! So, don't see if you can't resist! HAHAHA=P

Lil' patrick hides in bear bear shirt!

Lil' patrick jump up on bear bear!!

Now bear bear jump on lil' patrick..OUCH*

Lil' patrick laying on bear bear..Aint it cute..!?

Finally, a decent photo of them! *hugz*

Signing Off,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Joash..Is ur BIG day~!

Dear Joash Wee..

Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to Joash..
You smell like one two..!
I wanna dedicated all the wishes I could think of to you now...

~May you have fun and enjoy everyday in Heaven with your family
~Have a great great great time
~You'll always be missed deeply
~I miss your smile

After learning bout your does really gave some impact on me..Where I feel that life is short and we only have limited time to do what we wanna do..So from that day onwards...I try not to be angry over alot of matters..I enjoy my life to the max with no regret..I tend to be happy all the times even though im sad..I never stress over something that supposedly I should feel very stress..Always think that every problem can be solved and is not the end of the world yet..I try not to roll any tears even im sad cause I know eventually it will be a bright day again..


Seriously..eventhough we are not close friend..but just ordinary friend..I don't know why I really feel that you never leave us before..I know you are watching us from up there...! Take care...!

Happy Birthday again..I'm very jealous of you..Cause you'll be forever young...! =D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

~Is October Fest~!!

Is October Festival Baby~! I guess this some kind of festival which is held by the Irish people..I wonder why is Malaysia celebrating it comment..but neway..this is taken in Souled Out,Hartamas..When we reach, I saw people playing games and that's alot of beer everywhere! and also alot of HOT CHICKS! Too bad dint get a snapshot of them..cause we were busy happy-ing ourselves..! Here's some lovely pictures for u guys to see how is like Oct Fest..! Lucky us, we have a few friends working that night that keep giving us free refill..thanks to them I had all kinds of beer..Somehow I dun remember the beer's name..I onli remember Carlsberg and Paulaner and Kilkenny..hahaha..=P

The entrance!

Kei Ching Darlin~!

Yin Loo and mE..Wish her all the best in her badminton tournament! National player ar! =D

mE and Emai..Her expression is so cute..HAHAHA~

The Oct Fest mug !! =D

I met this cute bartender..he present me the superb adorable HAT..=D

me and xin yee..! she's a good drinker...!!

me and shi yee@long long frens..!

white wine of the day..yummy! kinda addicted to wine lately!

The beautiful Emma..she's reali CUTE..! look at her eyes..!

I like this!

Fateh and me in a big hat~

Food of the day! Yummy~!

It is really an enjoyable day..drink and laugh with a bunch of good friends..I hope u guys have fun too..Drink it Oct Fest..! HAHAHA...~! okay..i gotta go shower now..mummy calling..cause gotta wedding buffet..This month seems like alot of people getting marry..and I likey to attend wedding dinner cause I love the dishes...=P

p/s: oh is 10/10/10..Is a very memorable day..So,I wish all of u have a wonderful day..Make it a memorable one...

Yours Truly,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good morning...

Good 713am on my way back from seremban to ukm SLEEPY~!!! Listening to the cd that i burned..track 15..Lady antebellum..All we need..I lurve this song..cause the lyrics is very meaningful..somehow is like singin my feelin..But maybe now not ady cause Im singin..Usher..Dj got us fallin in love..Yay..and not forget..Im using my baby galaxy to blog..To all those who are drivin to work or class safely cause my place here just finish raining..the road is not sure bout ur place..but just do is life means no nothing..You r dead..choiiiii..okie..I think im goin to nap now..Let sis do the drivin..nyek nyek nyek..

Yours truly,
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wake me UP when SEPT end~

Finally..the month of SEPT is gone and here comes the month of OCT..I gotta say..SEPT been treating me quite well..-) I had tons of FUN..Here and there I eat..Here and there I drink..Here and there I laugh..But sometimes a laughter is a hidden behind of sadness..Now I know..There's alot of problems when you are growing up..I guess is part of the process to make you more mature? And also now I understand when they said..if there's a crack..there will always be a crack..Is just a matter of it heal and how you overcome it..But I do believe looking on the bright side will eventually heal everything and definitely will have a better day ahead..So,here's a recap of my SEPT month...!

~Hafiz's Raya Open House~

~Kah Wai's Bbday and Form6 gathering~

~Lunch@Taiwan Cuisine, The Curve~


~Dinner@Movida, Sunway Giza~

~Dinner@Restoran Harbour,Puchong~

~Mooncake Gathering with housemates~

~Photography Event@Putra Hotel~

~Dinner@Madam's Kwan,Midvalley~

~Course Trip to Perkampungan Orang Asli,Semenyih~

~Yin Loo's Big 22@Legend Homes,Port Dickson~

~BBQ night@Eu Lei's Crib,Seremban~

~Mooncake Gathering@My crib,Seremban~

Finally..done..There's alot more places that I went..Just that sometimes I forgot to bring my camera..hehe..but still..things that happened will always be in my mind..*rephrase..I only remember the good times..I don't remember the bad times..I always tend to forget wan..HAHA..Guess this is something good..BTW..this is my 100th post..YAY...! Congrates to myself..Somehow I manage to blog till now..Still not giving up..Is a good sign actually..Maybe I do love writing..hehe..=P

Yours Truly,