Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Your words inspired thousands
Touched all of their hearts
And in one fatal crash
Tore them all apart

You brought a light to the world
One no one can replace
You left a mark in my life
One that can't erase

A friend without a face
A bond without meeting
Talks just me and you
Now a memory softly fleeting

In one second
In one night
The earth was stripped
Of your light

A beautiful man
A beautiful soul
Left this world
Left a hole

You will be remembered
Though I'll cry for a while
One day I'll look back
On our memories and smile.

Dear Joash , I search through the internet to find a poem just to dedicate for u..I wanted to write on my own but i know you will laugh at me..cause i'm a very lousy writer..=P So, I've picked a poem that point out directly what i wanted to say..Today is the day that you are going to leave us entirely..I wanted to attend your funeral badly..but i scare i could not hold my tears back when i see u leave..Please forgive me..okay..I know that you are having a happy time now with your family in heaven..My prayer will always be with you..till we meet again..~! I'll have the keychain hang with me forever..I feel lucky because as least i got something from u..~ Thanks...=D and thanks for being my friend..I'm proud to have you in my friend list..=D

Friday, June 18, 2010

RIP Joash~ I'll miss U alot...='(

Early this morning..bout 11am..i got a sms from my gf , telling me that Joash passed away..and i replied " R U SURE? ". This is because my whole life till now..i have never expect my friend would walk away from this earth so soon..After i received the sms , i quickly open my facebook and check Joash's profile where i saw alot of condolences. This is insane...i was like OMG..what the hell..*SIGH..i don't want to accept the reality..how i wish he is still surviving with minor or major injuries..at least he is still breathing..I'm not sure how to cope up with this kind of feeling..as he's the 1st among my friend who went up to the arm of God..The most devastating part is his family went up with him too..except for his mother , one sister and one brother which are still under treatment. When i saw the image of the car in the newspaper..it is totally damaged. My tears almost burst out while seeing the news.

I met Joash on 23rd May 2008 , one of my first few trips to Maison club. He was my friend , Timothy's friend. Eventually we become friend after a long night hanging together in the club.. Even though i don't really know him that well , but he is one of the good and cute guy i ever met..and we been friend since year 2008 till now..which means is already 2years..I know the duration is not long but i know is long enough for me to not remember this tragic accident.. I HATE the damn Lorry driver..he is completely out of his mind for wanna cutting another vehicle and suddenly lose control of his own vehicle..*SIGH..i wish he will feel guilty forever for taking 5 lives away..I don't know why i keep thinking what Joash is thinking the very last few moments before he went up to heaven...and i can't help myself for keep not trying to accept the fact..
My friend told me that Christian believe that leaving earth is a good thing because they are leaving all the painful and unhappy things and go to the god's arm...i hope this is truth..=((((

The 1st time we met..Joash and me outside Maison..i still remember that i keep asking him to give me his shirt.

My gf and Joash...

This is the keychain he bought for me when he go Telok Chempedak for vacation..OMG..i'm hanging it with my housekeys for almost 2 years ady..Freaking sad each time i see it now..

Life is so short and unpredictable..What crossed my mind after knowing this incident..is We should not only cherish the one we loved but we should also try to be happy every moment even though is a sad moment that we have to go thru..spend every minute happily..do whatever what u wanna do..at least there will be no regret in your life..sigh..i don't know what i'm saying now..is ady 4.15am..and i seem like could not fall asleep...

Dear Joash and family..may you rest in peace and my prayers will always be with u all..~ and to Joash's mum n sister n brother..Stay Strong..i'll have my prayer to be with u too..~

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jie Ying Big 22nd aka Mabuk

Last Tuesday , right after I finished my mid term paper..I went out to celebrate my roomie's bbday , Jie Ying..Which is belated one day...at 1st thought of going to G6 again but my fren suggested to go one of the cafe in Kuchai Lama...We reached bout 1130pm..The cafe name is Soul Free...is somewhere nearby Papparich..if you know Kuchai Lama area..^^ The cafe look nice and the environment is ambience...=) you can order food to eat as well..it taste good!!

Lisa , mE , Jie Ying aka my roomies=)

French Fries

Singapore Fried Vermicelli..Nice~

The Lil' Ducky I found sticking on the table..CUTE~

Us before getting drunk..LOL

Happy Bbday~! Muacks~!

The guys n the Bbday girl...!

The girls n the guys..~!

The guys is trying to act cute..LOL...n Jie ying wanna follow too..HAHA

We played Uno..So long dint play already...=)

Very concentrating..cause once fall..needed to drink~

Bbday gal is abit dizzy already..=D

But we still managed to cam in toilet as usual..

She's DRUNK! cause she din't know she took this picture..hehe...

Joe , Steven , mE , Wai Kiet and Lisa..High Five*

Ray is trying to eat Wai Kiet's leg...*ugly....

They are acting like prostitutes..don't want to take picture..HAHA

Lastly, our gal woke up..but still..Ray carry her to car...

It was a fun night...we drink , laugh , eat , and play...til 4.30am..the staff could not bear with us anymore..so he off the light..okie...we got the signal..so the gentlemen paid the bill n we took off...poor jie ying vomited in the car..but luckily we got her a plastic bag with a hole in it...ISSSSSHHH...Neway..Happy Birthday, darling Jie ying..Wish u many happy retuns..wheeeeeee~~~

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hello..That's me taken in G6 Club the other day with my lime magarita..Hehe...I just got my result past two days and it is not GOOD....=((((((( but..i PASSED everything eventually..no failing is the best thing i could hope for..as I did not prepare myself well for the finals..But i don't know how to tell mummy yet..as she will be shocking dead when my result reach my home letter post..urrrgghhhh....Guess i'm getting more lazy and lazy these days..I'm having my mid term next Tuesday..and i haven't even start studying yet..=(((((...PLS MAKE ME STUDY...!

And i fall down in the toilet the other day..wearing heels sumore that day...argggghhh...damn pai seh...=.= I think i twisted my ankle abit..and it hurts when i'm driving...=((((( and i got bruise on the other knee...ISHHHH~! need to get a new heels..but is so hard to find that I love..I'm quite picky when it comes to shoes...Hehe..I bet every girl is almost the same...Speaking bout heels..damn the fella whole stole my heels..! is like the heels is so old ady and yet still wan to steal..what kind of human is this..! there are so many sport shoes there and why do you have to steal mine...!

Lately , i have no mood to blog..i don't know why..emotions haven't really stable down i guess..sigh...but still..i'll try to blog better..Do support me ya! I'll be watching Prince of Persia later...*cross finger..hopefully i don't fall asleep in the cinema..HAHA...byEEEEE...

~Happy Day~

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Girls Night Out~

Yesterday i had fun going out wif my gf/bestie/roomie..Lisa..Both of us suddenly thought of going to Midvalley to catch a movie..and then head to G6 Club..which i haven't been before..So, we reached MV bout 9pm..and quickly head to the cinema counter..hopefully that's still ticket available..cause we haven't decide what to watch yet..LOL..at first we thought of watching the shrek..but the movie start at 10.15pm..so we could not wait..and luckily the bounty hunter movie is just the right time for us...Ka-Ching..~! bought the tickets..and a combo set of popcorn with mineral water..quickly headed to the cinema..

- a romantic love story -
- a hilarious story -
- an action movie -
- worth to watch and feel satisfied -

RATE : 7/10

So, after movie..we head to G6 club..and it's at the parking lot there..quite abit scary thou..cause only both of us walking there..and when we reach..it was astonished! It look high classy..n nice..=) the besr thing..they don't charge admission fees..wheeee....~ The crowd yesterday was okay..not so pack..So, it's comfortable..~ Next, we ordered our drinks..

Left : Lisa had Long Island Ice Tea
Right : Me had Lime Margarita
Result : Satisfied..the drinks are just nice!

A gentlemen offer to take the picture for us..it mus be they saw us keep cam-whoring ourself and felt pity for us..LOL..and there were quite alot of losers that night..cause we sent them off whenever they come near..LOL..

As usual..we love cam whoring in the toilet..one thing bad bout this G6 is the washroom..It is so not up to the standard..there are 4 rooms..one of it the lock is spoil..one of it got no door..ISH~!

This is taken by the security guard..how nice of him..It's outside G6 where you can see the beautiful scenery of KL.. =) Then, we head home...What a night...An awesome night!