Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's all about ME~

It's all about me me me! Not about him him him...Hahaha..Currently my fav song..Song title : It's About from Auburn..XD It's been such a long time since I've blogged..Been really lazy and quite tied up with everything..! I'm officially working now! Yay! There's where Im seeing my money flowing in but OH NO..there's where I see myself non-stop working till I old..! =( Im not too sure which is good and which is bad..! Oh well, things have been running smoothly..Finish internship..Got myself a place in IBM..doing now all is about working more life..~! I cut on booze..even cut down on clubbing..feel like a granny now..! >.< This is a bad sign..! Talked about relationship..Im happy! LOL..!

But I always wonder is it true when a couple reach like 5 years relation together..U'll never find the feeling like u had in the 1st year where is so in love, so exciting, heart always pumping fast..OMFG..I god damn miss feeling now..! When one of my bestie told me, she feel it that way too..she could not find back the feeling of 1st time dating.. even though her current relation now is stable and she's is happy with her boi..! I don't know..maybe when a couple live too long with each other..They tend to be..hmmm..the real person of them? perhaps I should say..the real color of them..XD example..if a guy are dating the girl..maybe in the stage of wooing her or just started dating..the guy will never BURPPP in front her..will never speak rude words in front her..But when it reach 5 years..HE DAMN BURPING IN FRONT U..! Saying all the rude wordsss! @.@

But I guess this is something natural.. should put it in this way..It means that he's more comfortable being himself in front burping loud..XD Anyway, 5 years relation seems to be very comfortable..everything seems so lazy to argue about something unless it really got on your nerves..Sometimes I feel that seeing your partner everyday..which cause less argument..but seeing your partner less..argue every day! LOL..This is what Im my main focus is definitely on my money to buy car..! I damn hell need a car..and Im definitely using my own..OWN MONEY to buy..not going to burden my parents..! So I will be money lunatic now..LOL...

Gotta turn in now..! Nights! Sweet dreams...XoXo~!