Saturday, February 27, 2010

woot woot..!

hello...readers..! i just got back from johor yesterday..damn damn tired...i drove my family back in 2 hours 15mins?? tat's quite fast i guess for the 1st time me..driving from JB to sban...lols..hmmm..and i slept 12 hours after reaching back..because the few days in JB..i did not had a good sleep..fuh..! but it is reali worth because i had alot of fun..=)

because i get to meet up with my frens..! yAy...! in the afternoon , my fren - chun wai brought me to visit his uni , UTM and see some horses...den he brought me to nike factory outlet and bought me a shirt after he get shin nian to share nice of them..! hehe..den later at fren - jiang wei..brought me to see some jb nightlife..and we had a drink at one of the mamak...because all the club was closed due to some i'm not sure what it is ady...what a waste!

sigh..after got back to stress is pillin again..test got postpone to nx week..but got quiz tis week..faint* 3 assignments due-ing the same week.. @@ finals is nx month...time pass reali fast...reali need to put alot of effort in it ady..i've been reali lazy this sem..dunno why..sobsssssss...=(=(=(

oh aunty just got back from USA...waited for her at KLIA bout 2 hours plus before heading down to JB....the feeling is reali nervous cause dint see her for 2 yrs ady and bored after waited for 2 hours..will hafe a very busy month..hehe..speaking bout my USA aunt..she's reali open minded..and the ASIAN me..cant accept it..faint* lol..okay..i guess i wanna go take a nap again..yawn* i will upload the photos bout my trip to JB asap..! tata!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

from tim~~to justin~~

my dearest fren here , tim cheok said my editing he lend a helpin hand..and did another photo for the sweet couple...lucky for you , JUSTIN LIM..! , compare mine and tim's work..but i noe my work is totally out...hahahaha... edit work is at the post last two to myself..yaY...! lolssssssss!!!

*pic credit to tim cheok...=D=D=D


I had a marvelous CNY this yr..everyday drinking , gambling , eating , less sleeping , hanging out , receiving ang pau and visiting...=D=D=D i think i gained 3kgS?? is alot you know for a girl...sobssssss far...won abit from gambling...hehe...luckily DRAGON still got some luck...if not , sure kalah teruk goin to be a very memorable year for me...wheeeeeeee....

reunion dinner..i forgot to snap the fish , sup and chicken..too busy eating..

my pweety sisters and daddy..i got a small bro..dunno where he went..^^

hot mummy and cool daddy

my brothers=D

kelly sis and me

1st time wif daddy @ pub..awkward but fun!

the most loving brother...=D

visiting to mui kim's house...

my collection of unique ang pausSs

i had 5 times lou sang this yr....wheeeeee!

at joanne's house...=D

my pwetty cousis's sis...

mE and pussy chua

at tim's open house..i love the rendang!

my babes....kelly and quannie..!

at kelly's house...

mE and my niece and nephew

cousins from seremban...

at justin's house...

this is something for all who dint make it to justin's house..i tink my editing skill improved..haha...thanks for makin my day's pink~!

specially for justin and amy..justin..u got to say i'm GOOD..!
p/s : i'm goin down to Johor tmr to attend my cousin sis's i come..more drinks and ang i guess i wont be blogging till nx stay tune for the nx i wish u ppl "HAPPY TIGER YEAR" ....

All Well End Well 2010 ~~

I just watched All Well End Well 2010 at The Mines , Serdang..=D=D=D is reali funny and funny..and reali funny..hehe...i laughed from starting till the end...and then i find it they are very creative as well cause they have JAY CHAU song inside too..and a similar part of IP MAN movie as well..where LOUIS KOO acted as DONNIE reali worth watching this..=D=D=D they have alot of cute actresses oso..but i dunno wad's their name lor..but damn cute wan..i got upload the pic to share with u guys...hehehe..

one of the part in the movie..this is damn HILARIOUS!
LOUIS KOO as the king


the cute princess that i've just mentioned

RATING : 9/10


Monday, February 22, 2010

crab crab crabY~~~

Today , i'm going to intro a restoran crab for u guys to try very cheap and de dishes is urm..wonderful? delicious? overall is nice...hehe...the restoran name is RESTORAN TAK u can see the picture below...they are onli sellin rm22 for 1kg crab...!! and the most important is their crab is meaty...=D=D=D

the "ka chang" to eat the craby~

they gave us the yellow bean crackers for FREE~

seeee...they are eating happily

de vege...choy tam?? =P

'ku lou yuk'

ta main dish - salted egg crabY!

the bill is onli rm50+ for both 2 cups of leong u guys shud go try it out now...!!! oh located at Puchong..opposite Giant Bandar Puteri. Somewhere at the shop lots's easy to find...have fun eating...NOM NOM NOM...


dedicated to KOLN BUBU n QUANNIE =D

dearest KOLN BUBU , this is specially for u...hehehe...=D=D=D

this is specially for QUANNIE @ POM POM

Sunday, February 21, 2010

pack pack pack~!'s been a week plus i get my hands off to blog..hehe...cause my hands are busy 'chut pai' and receiving ang pau...wheeeeeeee....this yr...still got luck abit lar...won abit in gambling...but the most important is i enjoyed my CNY till the max..!!! hahaha....out of 7 days..i guess i drank red wine , tiger beer , carlsberg , chivas...for 5 days??? need to go check up my liver jor...haha...

it's time to pack to go back uni ady...very sad...times pass reali fast..feel so lazy and extremely sad to go back...cause tons of assignment waiting and gonna due very soon..but there 's something to cheer me up...! i'm goin JOHOR BAHRU on wed.....! yaY! it's for my cousin sis's wedding..and before heading to the south...i need to go KLIA to pick my aunt who is flying one whole day from USA....miss her so's been 2 yrs since i last saw her...=D=D=D

there's alot of picture i wanna upload up..hehe..alot of funny post i wanna post up..maybe gotta wait till my assignment hand in ady..den i'll take my own sweet time to post it u gotta keep reading...~! hehehe.....


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happily ever after

Good day to everyone...=D counting days to CHINESE NEW YEAR..another 4 more days..! yAy..! cant wait cant wait..and oso my 2nd day wif my new mushroom when i go of fren told me ....

seet yen : vivian ! u cut ur hair...!!
vivian : yup..i look so hai..! (laughing out loud)
seet yen : nola...u look CUTE..come lemme pinch...
vivian : *faint....

i dun like the feeling bein cute...haha..i'm always picture as SEXY....wakakaka...hmm...neway , i'll upload my latest mushroom hair when i'm ready to accept it..haha...pls dun ask me why did i cut this hair..=~(

Today , i'm goin to share with u ' 7 STEPS TO HAPPILY EVER AFTER'...this article i pick from CLEO month feb..they have ROBERT PATTISON AND KRISTEN STEWARD AS FRONT COVER TOO..! actually , i love twillight movie too just like any other teenage's the 7 steps..hopefully is useful for u all...=D=D=D

De 1st step - DREAM THE SAME DREAMS...

If your man's focused on travelling to boost his career , but ur clucky as hell and want to stay put , you're at a coupledom crossroads. either somebody compromises (without bitterness) , or u move on. 'Prior to making a long term commitment , couples need to affirm with each other what they want from the relationship,' said Philip Armstrong.


When a couple stay long together , they tends to make their live bored and routine.. So try to make it change..boost up ur sex live like bringing her flower early in the morning and give her a sweet morning kiss..=P girls can do the same as well..i bet ur guys will feel flatter..hehe..or u can try cooking to each other...=D

De 3rd step - STAND UP FOR MAMA

PARENTS. you love them but sometimes you want to administer medication for their interfering. ' meddling parents need to be confront immediately,'. If not , there's high risk either partner's parent will always have the last say. Try not to buckle when ur oldies give you 'that look' , it's only going to get more stressful if u promise ur dad you'll cancel the trip without talking to ur partner 1st which ur partner who really wanted to go.


Try not using those harsh word such as ' fuck u , diu lei , go to hell and etc etc..' in ur fight..It reali can make someone more angry and heart broken...try starting with the sentence 'i feel upset and i cant relax when the house is messy' instead 'you are such a lazy fat pig'. , winning an arguement is not important if u reali love them. Each time after a fight , ur relation will be sweeter..!


Dont onli stay with ur partner and abandon ur frens...! Try to make it balance or else when times get longer , when things turn ugly between u and ur partner , there will be no one for u to lean on a shoulder , to hear u out , to help u go thru a painful nite. and have ur own interest. and ur own identity. dont change urself just because ur partner. both of u need some private space too..!


'A partner who tuly lov u also can be ur best frens'. means when u r ranting about something , he's always tere to listen and give u the unlikely you'll find anyone else who can give u all this and be happy to do so. when u r rantin about something , he's tere to listen and gives comfort..makes ur day better..


Let's say both of u lost ur job , pennyless , the guy was redundant , and then the girl is dignosed with breast cancer. This moment is really important ..if u can get over it , means that's nothing can get in ur way. Try to clam down , and think each other's feeling. Try not easily be frustrated and stay calm..

p/s : HAPPY VALENTINE AND HAPPY CHINESE NEW YR IN ADVANCED ...*shiok sendiri..haha..and rmbr to watch 'THE VALENTINES'.~~ is incredibly sweet..! with alot of famous actor and long for now...bye bye..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

home cook..~

harlo , good day i'm goin to teach you how to cook a simple meal for 7 pplsSs..i learned how to cook when i was 15 yrs old from my mummy...i used to cook dinner for my family..and sometimes i cook okay..sometimes i cook not okay..hehe..since i shifted out from hostel..i've been cooking for my roomiesSs almost everyday..and now i'm cooking for my whole got a very helpful assistant roomie..lisa..she can cook pretty well too..hehe..=D=D=D

The ingredients for the day :

-half chicken
-2 fishes
-1kg vegetable
-ginger , garlic , small onion

this is de chicken , rmbr to take off the oils 1st...

u need to clean the stomach 1st before cooking!!!

the green vege need to be wash at least twice~!

cut the onion and garlic into small pieces..rmbr to peel off the skin~!

the ginger cut into few slices and small pieces like the onion and garlic


to make sure the skin dun come off , wait till de wok is damn HOT and the oil too...!

to make it tastier , fry a lil' onion , garlic and ginger till gold colour and put on the fish and soya sauce pic got corrupted..damn pone..!

this is ginger chicken..u need to put salt , sugar and ajinamoto..try to balance the taste!

ta daaaaaa....meals for seven ppls is ready..!

To cook this meals , it took me about one and half hour..because i need to fry the fish and wait til the chicken soft..but is reali worth the time n penny too..cause this meals cost bout rm20..which one person is only rm3..if we eat outside at restaurant..this meals shud be bout rm50?? try to cook at ur home today...!

p/s : thou i dint give the whole process of cooking..but it's not me..! love it and u'll capture ur bf / gf's heart...~~! =D=D=D