Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happie Bunny 2o11~

This is me in Rabbit Year..Getting fatter and fatter...Urghhhhh!!! Mommy even sais IM FATTY..!! @.@...Not going to deny it but YES..IM FAT...!! I think most prolly is because Im working in office now..everyday just eat and sit..same routine for 5 days everyday!!! Sadness...!! Good news for myself..Im going to end my internship soon..~~ Bye bye to DHL and HIE to IBM...Will be joining IBM next month and experience real working life..real working stress...! LoL...Hopefully everything turns out smooth and nice..!

Below is picture of me and my family during CNY time..I have a crazy family..very crazy..but i love them so much..! We are very happening family aka alcoholic family..Environment is always full of laughtersSs..! and I guess that's where my drinking gens come from..hahaha!!

That's all for now...Have a nice day! Have a nice year ahead~!!!

Yours truly,


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